Aurora Diagnostics LMC Pathology Services, supports physicians and their staffs with innovative technologies. Aurora Diagnostics LMC Pathology Services' ConnectDX® connectivity products are solutions that provide fast and convenient access to patients' laboratory reports to improve the office workflow.

• Improve practice efficiency
• Integration with your Practice Management System (PMS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
• Intelligent data delivery process
• Proactive management of electronic environment
• Customized practice reporting

ConnectDX® Software

• Our laboratory provides software for use with your existing computer and printer.
• Reports are sent electronically to your computer and printed on your printer.
• No additional space needed for hardware
• Faster laboratory report delivery
• Integration with your PMS and EMR systems

ConnectDX® Printer

• Our laboratory provides the proprietary PUCK platform and network-ready printer.
• The PUCK and printer plug into your existing Internet connection.
• Reports are sent electronically to the printer.
• Compact business-grade printer and components
• Easy installation by your sales representative
• Integration with your PMS and EMR systems

ConnectDX® Portal

• Our laboratory provides access to an Internet portal.
• Internet access to Login to review and/or print patient laboratory reports
• Retrieval of archived laboratory reports
• HIPAA-compliant 256-bit SSL encrypted technology
• Conveniently add users and assign access levels

ConnectDX® Interfaces

• Our laboratory facilitates an interfaces with your PMS and/or EMR systems.
• Patient laboratory results flow from our laboratory to your existing system.
• Enhances office efficiency
• Integrates laboratory reports with your PMS and EMR system.

ConnectDX® TrueView (Result Delivery & Viewing Solution)

• Displays original laboratory report in a PDF format, with no loss of report formatting, as seen with many
  traditional HL7 interfaces.
• Search/View/Sign/Print reports instantly.
• Fast install time - days from request, not months.
• Patient results can be accessed without the EMR being opened.
• Unaffected by internet or network outage or troubles with the EMR application,
• Updates to the EMR will NEVER affect the access to your patients results. Even with a complete change of
  EMR vendors-your lab results will always be preserved & accessible.